Trump hush-money trial: Juror excused over concerns identity made public

Court is off to a rough start this morning.

After speeding through jury selection on Tuesday, seating seven of 12 jurors, the court may have already lost two.

One woman – juror number two – was excused this morning after she told the judge friends and family had discovered she was a likely juror.

Information including her employer, how long she had worked there, and where she lived was shared in court earlier this week and reported by media.

“I don’t believe at this point that I can be fair and unbiased,” the woman said, adding it would be too difficult not to let outside opinions affect her decision in the courtroom.

She is not the only one who may be excused. Prosecutors say they uncovered research suggesting juror number four may have lied about his past criminal history.

They say he may have committed a crime tearing down political advertisements in the 1990s – and that his wife may have been involved in a corruption scandal charged by the same office prosecuting Donald Trump.

We don’t have a decision yet on whether he will be excused.

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