‘Gaza famine’ warning and Corrie ‘budgeting row’


The Observer leads with the foreign secretary warning the Palestinian people were on the brink of famine. Lord Cameron also announced the emergency deployment of a Royal Navy vessel and £9.7m in aid. Also on the front is a dramatic picture of a wave striking the shore at Porthcawl, Wales, as Storm Kathleen hit the UK on Saturday. [BBC]

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“Soap in budgeting row” headlines the Sunday Mirror as it reports on Coronation Street actors “angry” over a cut in hours to save cash. It claims “cash-strapped” bosses have caused panic slashing the number of stars in storylines. The tabloid quotes one insider saying of Corrie stars: “Some haven’t filmed for weeks.” [BBC]

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The Sun on Sunday splashes on the home of £100m Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak being hit by thieves in a raid. A car was stolen at the Swedish international’s Northumberland home, the paper says. [BBC]

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An irreverent take for the Daily Star Sunday as it reports “psycho seagulls copying humans” on its front page. The paper quotes a woman saying a seagull watched a game of football on TV from the ledge of her hotel room. The British Trust for Ornithology explained the bird could be mimicking humans hoping to pick up something useful. [BBC]

Many of the front and inside pages are dedicated to the war in Gaza, on the sixth month anniversary of the start of the conflict.

Writing for the Sunday Times, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron describes it as a “grim milestone” and says it is important to remember the attacks by Hamas on Israel which started it. But he also describes last week’s killing of seven aid workers by an Israeli airstrike as “tragic and avoidable”, and says it must not be allowed to happen again.

“Britain joins rush to help” says the Sun on Sunday reflecting on the Royal Navy ship being sent to support aid deliveries for Gaza. The Observer says the Royal Navy has been “ordered into action” amid warnings that people trapped in the territory are “on the brink of famine”.

The Sunday Mirror takes a more personal look at the past six months, focusing on a British couple whose daughter and two granddaughters were killed in the 7 October attacks. Their son-in-law was taken hostage by Hamas, and they explain they do not know what has become of him.

Gillian Brisley says she tries to keep her “hatred for Hamas” under control because “if I fill my heart with too much hate, there’s no room left in it for our family that’s gone”.

Breaking of the fast in Gaza

Lord Cameron warned of famine in Gaza [Reuters]

The Sunday Telegraph says two former ministers, James Heappey and Ben Wallace, have delivered a “stark wake up call” to the government by warning the UK is “failing to prepare for war”. Mr Heappey, who was the armed forces minister until last month, says he does not think we’re on the cusp of another world war but we are in a new era since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago. He also says ministers need to consider the time it takes to prepare for conflict. Former defence secretary Ben Wallace is quoted as saying too many in government are hoping the current worldwide instabilities will “go away”. A government spokesperson says the UK has robust plans in place for “a range of potential emergencies and scenarios”.

The Mail on Sunday says it has found new information regarding the sale of Angela Rayner’s council house almost ten years ago. Labour’s deputy leader has faced questions about whether the property was her principal residence at the time, a distinction that would determine how much tax she owed when the house was sold.

The paper says it has uncovered social media posts by Ms Rayner showing life with her family at her husband’s property. She denies any wrongdoing. A Labour spokesman has told the paper Ms Rayner “always made clear” she also spent time at her husband’s property as “she was perfectly entitled to do so”.

According to the Observer the family of the late children’s author and illustrator, David McKee, have found a manuscript and rough sketches for a new story featuring Elmer the Elephant. Dates on the pieces suggest he had been working on it shortly before he died in 2022, at the age of 87.

The paper says the story, takes on the climate crisis and sees the patchwork Elmer meet a white bear in the jungle trying to find his way home after “floating from the frozen north on a tiny scrap of melting ice”. It’s due to be published next year.

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